Founded in 2008, DAY Engineering is a private firm managed by Gani Latifi. Gani Latifi has more than 30 years of experience in Electrical Engineering. Starting in 1983 at the University of Prishtina in a position of assistant professor, at Cathedra for Laboratory Measurement – education purposes and continuing with testing of electrical equipment all over the Kosova Industry.

Mr. Latifi is the author of many designs, tests and supervisions concerning: HV substations, Power System Planning, Power Plants and Urban Planning of Transmission and Distribution Systems through all the Kosova. He has the high level of knowledge of the process of production, transmission and distribution of electrical energy in Kosova.

Mr. Latifi has extensive experience in Distribution and Transmission Designs, Design Revision and supervision of MV and HV Distribution/Transmission Lines and Substations.

Mr. Latifi is teaching at the University of Prishtina for more than three decades. Actually, he teaches two subjects: “Power System Planning” and “Fundamentals of Power System”. He is the author of two University Books, “High Voltage Engineering”, 1995 and “Fundamentals of Power System”, 1997 and one University Student Manual named “Power System Planning”, 1998.

Immediately after the NATO intervention in Kosova in 1999, Gani Latifi started experiencing with international companies such are: PARSONS Delaware Inc., HALLIBURTON, KEMA, COWI, MVV DECON, INGEDIA, NOX International, etc. And local companies such are: KOSTT, KEK, URBAN PLUS, MONTEN, ELECTRO AG, UKAB, etc. The highly intensive experiences with international companies brought to the final decision of creating of the private company DAY Engineering.

Today DAY Engineering has become the Kosova’s most respected knowledge companies in the fields of consulting engineering, electrical design and electrical tests.

DAY Engineering’s mission is to contribute to sustainable development of Team of Electrical Engineers, by combination of experienced engineers with young creative engineers. DAY Engineering aims to be most attractive employer for experienced consulting engineers and designers as well as for recent graduate young engineers. There are several branches of electrical engineering dealing with, such are: Consulting, Design and Testing.

DAY Engineering has 8 members as a permanent staff and several other experts, from associated companies, capable to be utilized as we need. These are mainly engineers, but complemented by economists, management consultants and IT experts from a variety of fields.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive interdisciplinary range of engineering and consultancy services. This combination of engineering with classical management consultancy allows us to deliver tailored one-stop solutions for the realization of even large-scale and challenging projects.