Funded by EU, with KOSTT as Beneficiary.
Constructed by “Koncar” – Croatia

Supervised by NOX International (former INGEDIA)
March 2011- July 2014

Supervision of the project Support on upgrading power transmission system to meet the Energy Community technical standards Prizreni 2 Substation 220/110kV.
Design Review and Site Supervision of: Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a new Autotransformer 150MVA and the replacement of High Voltage Equipment at Prizreni 2 Substation 220/110 kV. 


Funded by ECLO, with KOSTT as Beneficiary.
Constructed by “Siemens” and “UMEL”

Supervised by INGEDIA Romania SRT.
March. 2010 – Dec. 2011

Design review and site supervision for HV, MV, LV equipment, relay protection and SCADA of substation in the Project “Construction of 400/110kV Ferizaj 2 Substation and Connection in the Transmission Grid”.

Funded by kfW, Germany
Constructed by “Siemens” – Austria

Supervised by MVV DECON”
April 2008 – June 2010

Responsible for supervision of Electrical part of the Project “Construction of 400/110kV Peja 3 substation and associated transmission system works in 110/20kV SS Skenderaj and 110/20kV SS Klina.

Funded by EU, with KOSTT as Beneficiary.
Constructed by “Koncar” – Croatia

Supervised by COWI, Denmark
April 2007- Dec. 2009

Supervision of the Project “Renovation of SS Kosova A 220/110kV Substationin the project for KOSTT company in Kosova. It includes preparation of tender dossier for works contract, consulting with the client (KOSTT) during tender evaluation phase, acceptance of drawings for building of the SS Kosova A, overseeing the works and project management on behalf of our client for the electrical part of the project.